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Astro Reports

Using calculations based on your birth time
and location and sophisticated astrological software, reports can be created that address your life's questions in general and many specific focuses as well. 

All the Reports listed below are $25 each 

   The Natal Report - The Birth Chart


This report serves as a blueprint of the possible you, based on the exact moment of your birth [or within a few minutes].  If your birth time is not available, a Sunrise chart can be done.  It is not exact, but close.  The Natal Chart reveals your true potential.  Each section of your chart represents an area of your life as it was reflected in the stars where you were born.  This report will show your likely strengths and weaknesses.  The report is clearly written, along with a mini-astrology lesson in the Introduction.  The report is approximately 20-30 pages long with the additional bonus of a mini-forecast on what is current.                back to top


Relationship Reports  

The Relationship report looks at two people and how their energies blend with one another.  Both person's birth information is necessary for these reports.  There are two different reports available:  Synastry and Composite. 

The Synastry report compares the two individual's charts to determine how well they will get along and interact with each other.  Two charts are created for this report: first, party A's planets and how they blend with Party B and then how all this blends in the various segments of your life together and lastly, what that life would look like.

 The Synastry report reveals potential pitfalls or conflicts that may arise.  This report is extremely useful before embarking on any kind of long-term relationship with anyone.  The report can be of use for business and personal partnerships, marriages or child-parent relationships.

 The Composite report is very different from the Synastry report.  While the latter takes the information of two people and overlays it to create a blending of both charts into one, the Composite takes the same information and creates the 'midpoints' between  the two planets involved.  This creates a whole new chart, like a third individual, that is actually your relationship itself.

The composite approach to Relationship Astrology came about in Germany in the 1920's but did not surface in the United States until 1970, when John Townley introduced this technique to American astrologers.  The Composite chart differs from the Synastry report, and when combined with it, really describes the relationship and how all parties interact with each other.         back to top


      The Child Forecast  

Here is a report that reads like a small novel, just the right size for your baby.  The report is approximately twelve pages long with five sections.  Many have commented on the accuracy of the report.  It describes the development of the child from the time he or she is a toddler through the various levels of their education, with particular detail to the development of artistic gifts, personality, learning style, hobbies and favorite sports.  There is a special section of how the little one 'sees' you and relates to you and your spouse.  The report makes a special gift for new parents to which they can repeatedly refer.     back to top


Health & Karma Report   

 If you have ever wanted to know why you have these allergies or that problem with weight-gain, this report will help you.  This report is prepared with a highly specialized field of astrology, Medical Astrology.  Birthed in antiquity, th first doctors relied on their knowledge of the stars in relation to the body and organs to help them diagnose and treat their patients and is based in the Eastern school of thought.  The report is very involved and thorough with a systematic procedure on how to use it to the fullest.  This does not mean you are fated to have the illnesses or conditions that are mentioned in the report, but that the tendency is there and there may be steps that you can take to modify this tendency.  The Introduction is a mini Astrology lesson in itself and well worth thoroughly reading.  This report can change your health and how you relate to your body and soul.          back to top

   The Solar Return Report 

Examine trends for your upcoming year.      Astrologer Stephanie Johnson's report is an excellent forecast of the movement emerging from your astrological cycle for your personal year.  A wonderful birthday gift to yourself or another.   back to top


The Fixed Star Report  

Interested in exploring your personal myth?    Dianna Rosenberg has created a wonderful report using the Fixed Star aspects in your chart to tell you about the myths that are aligned with your chart.  back to top

   The Vocational Report 

Looking for insight about how your chart aligns with your profession and avocation?   The Vocational Report created by Brian Clark can guide you in your decisions about work choices and considerations.     back to top


The Medicus Report   

How is general health reflected in your chart?    Lee Lehman developed a report focusing on that aspects within your chart that reflect your general health.  A useful guide.    back to top

   The Personal Moon Calendar  

Using the birth information, a personal moon calendar is generated with the sensitive times in your life highlighted so you can be aware at a glance of the times you are most sensitive in your emotional nature, sort of cosmic PMS that both men and women go through as the moon courses its cycle.  This is a written report listing the moon aspects for the year by date, not in a grid calendar format

The Relationship Conflict Days Calendar      

In relationship, there are times when our signs are simply in conflict with each other, influencing us towards feeling very emotionally sensitive or prickly.   This useful report notes the conflict days as sensitive or prickly for each person and highlights the text to give you easy access to being aware of any extra stressors in a given day.  This is a report for two people, so be sure to provide birth-data for both in the report order form.  This is a written report listing the conflict dates for the year by date, not in a grid calendar format.

    The Transits Forecast   

Would you like to climb into a time machine?  Travel to the future and have a glimpse of  what might happen?  This is what a Forecast report is all about.  After you are born the stars continue to move in the heavens and as they revolve in the night sky, they make 'contact' with the planets of your Natal chart.  When this occurs, it is referred to as a Transit.  Many of these transits happen at once and affect your daily life.  This report is a personalized daily forecast that many clients find invaluable in their day-to-day lives.

The reports come as 3 month, 6 month and one year forecasts and are based on the birthdate, time and location.  It is not necessary to have a Natal report done to read the Transit report, but it is helpful and would round out the whole understanding and experience. You will include the date when you want the report to begin on the order form.           
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Special Reports

Horary Questions.  Horary astrology is an ancient branch of astrology
 by which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer.  This technique is especially helpful when you need additional focus and insight on the issue.  $45
Electional Questions are applicable when you want the learn the best time to begin any action.  Electional astrology, also known as event astrology,  in which a practitioner decides the most appropriate time for an event based on the astrological auspiciousness of that time.  $45

Birth-Time Rectification.  If your birth time is not known, birth-time rectification determines the timing based on a list of important events in your life.  From those events that have been milestones for you, marriage, birth of children, death of parents, etc., we can work backwards in time to arrive at your birth-time on which to base an accurate birth chart.   $200


In-Depth One-on-One Telephone Consultations

I am also available for in-depth astrological consultation by telephone.
 You can use this consultation to further explore the information you received in a report or
you can begin with a phone consultation and receive the written report afterwards. 

 $125 per hour, with digital sound file, $150 with a written report as well.

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