Jacqui Menkes Astrologer


Brief Overview for 2014 by Sun Sign

Your Sun sign is linked to the month and date of your birth and people commonly refer their Sun sign as their astrological type. But it is just but one aspect of your astrological chart and how the movement of the planets may effect and influence you.

Aries  a March 21-April 19
Great year for Aries and good luck and charm both match to surge you ahead. For those in a creative space, look ahead for a fulfilling time.

b April 20-May 20
The mighty bull will have a run this year. You will see an increase in opportunities and wealth accumulated. Good year to take career risks.

Gemini   c  May 21-June 20
It's a mix of opportunities for Gemini in 2013. While on one side stars foresee a bright future, there are also small issues on personal matters which can arise due to planetary movements.

d June 21-July 22
People of this sign will have good luck and a charming time ahead. Opportunities will come by, but 2013 is really about personal growth.

e July 23-August 22
Roaring their way to success, Leos will see things fall in place for them. All the hard work, which seemed to be yielding no results last year, will ripen benefits now.

f August 23-September 22
Virgos will find a mixed year of happiness, and also times when things may not seem to be going well. Overall the year will bring benefits.

Libra  g September 23-October 22
Smart negotiation skills of the Libras will come to the forefront. Year 2013 will be a time to make amends and do away with any misgivings among family members.

Scorpio  h October 23-November 21
Scorpions will find a lot of stability this year. Work will be smooth and efforts put in last year shall stars to give results now.

Sagittarius  i November 22-December 21
For the Sagittarius it is really a year to make up for all the lost time in 2012. Work will be smooth giving them more time to relax and spend with loved ones. You will love this phase.

j December 22-January 19
Although the year may not have begun as expected for Capricorns, with work and personal matters not falling into place easily, as the year progresses, life will become smooth.

Aquarius  k January 20-February 18
Aquarius will shine at work as well as in the home front. It will be their people management skills which will shine now.

l  February 19-March 20
Pisces will revel in courage and ability to get work done. Often considered task masters, their perseverance will see things fall in place very smoothly.

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