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Jacqui Menkes

Jacqui Menkes
has studied the stars for over thirty years and lives her life following her treasure map.  She has been counseling using astrology for the last 18 years and has been able to provide useful and supportive insights to her clients about their lives.  She has studied Western astrology and Vedic astrology.  Her teachers in the past have included Robert Hand, Ronnie Gayle Dreyer and Jan Spiller.  

Jacqui has a Bachelors in Astrology through the respected Kepler College in Seattle and is currently an adjunct professor there.  Jacqui is also a member of the steering committee for
AFAN – the Association for Astrological Networking, which is dedicated to enhancing the perception of astrology and the role of professional astrologers.

She was host of the popular blogtalk.com radio program, WTARExploring Traditional Astrology.  Her weekly show featured lively explorations of Traditional Astrology, as well as other astrological systems and traditions A full range of world-renowned astrologers share their knowledge and expertise, focusing on research and methodology.  Her good friend, astrologer Chris Brennan is the current host at WtarRadio.

Jacqui has written columns for various publications and is the astrologer for the World Peace Calendar created by the Rev. Gary Culp.  She has appeared on Spirit, a New York City television program, with author John Michael Sherdon.

She also brings a strong background of and personal exploration of personal growth, awareness work and insight processing.  She is a good guide for individuals who want to use their astrological awareness to better support their self-understanding

In addition, Jacqui has been deeply involved for many years in the Pebble Hill Interfaith Church,  a unique spiritual community located in Bucks County, PA  that supports spiritual awareness and celebration in all traditions, aspects and modalities.

And finally, Jacqui is also a clergy member of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.