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Do you ask yourself this question - '
Who am I and why am I here?' 

If so, maybe you could use a road map to help you find the answers
.  Long ago, these very questions plagued me, and with the help of a mentor who provided a map, I could find the answers.

The Road Map of Your Soul is a picture of the heavens at the moment of your birth.  Based on the exact second that you drew your first breath, this map was created for you by the Great Creator.  This is the road map of your life.  This not just a road map, but also a treasure map, with your life the treasure.

Through the study of this map, you will have a better understanding of your gifts, your trials and tribulations and how to aAstro symbolsvoid the pitfalls that life can sometimes bring.

The primary road map is called your Natal Report - the Birth chart.  When you study it, you can unlock your life, so to speak, by traveling into the Heavens and see what is written there for you. 

Additional reports can help you explore specific areas of your life - Relationship, Children, Health & Karma, as well as maps of the specific Transits of planets that impact your life throughout the year. 

Go to the AstroReports page for full details of these road maps to your soul, including on-going personal, one-on-one Astrological Life Coaching consultations.

By taking your personal voyage to the stars through your Natal chart and the specialty charts, you may realize your connection to the Universe and Creative Spirits of All That Is.  What better gift to give yourself than exploring and understanding your own life through this hidden road map of your soul. 

Moon over oceanCome voyage to the stars.
  See what your gifts are and manifest your fullest potential.  These reports make a unique and memorable gift for that special someone too.

The About Jacqui page lets me share with you why I am your unique guide to your Road Map and lastly,  you will find a brief overview of the year for all signs and other aspects of astrology on the  AstroTalk page.

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